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MamaTENS has extended its regular range with the following carefully selected complementary products for both mum & baby...

TensCare Dry Night Trainer

A fun, compact and lightweight wristwatch-style night-time bedwetting training aid with changeable covers

£29.99inc. VAT & delivery

Digi Duckling

Digital Bath Thermometer for more comfort, safety and fun at bath time

£6.99inc. VAT & delivery

Tortoo Bath Thermometer

Turtle water thermometer and rattle toy for splashtiastic bath-time fun!

£12.95inc. VAT & delivery

Eboo Owl Night Light

A squidgy little friendly owl with a soft soothing glow, to watch over your child at night

£15.50inc. VAT & delivery

Ova Plus Period Pain Reliever

Discreet and effective relief from Period Pain

£40.99inc. VAT & delivery

Fleur Pelvic Floor Toning Balls

Fleur toning balls rest on the pelvic floor muscles, stimulating spontaneously contracts and giving you an inner workout

£20.00inc. VAT & delivery

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