advantages of TENS pelvice floor toning...

Using a 20-minute itouch sure programme daily over two months would normally be sufficient to regain normal pelvic floor muscle strength.

  • Discreet
  • Safe & easy
  • Non-surgical
  • Drug-free & no side effects
  • Cure - not containment
  • Improves sexual intimacy

Your pelvic floor needs to be worked and will retain its tone and strength with continued regular exercises after the initial TENS treatment.

Kegel Toner

Train your pelvic floor to regain bladder control, aid faster postpartum recovery & improve sensation during lovemaking

£51.99inc. VAT & delivery

itouch sure

TensCare itouch sure, with clinically proven programmes to significantly reduce the symptoms of incontinence

£65.99inc. VAT & delivery

Perfect PFE Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Exercises and tones the pelvic floor with additional settings to provide relief from pelvic pain

£280.00inc. VAT & delivery

Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Simple & easy to use, with an elegant, slim-line design & rechargeable battery for enhanced mobility

£89.00inc. VAT & delivery

Fleur Pelvic Floor Toning Balls

Fleur toning balls rest on the pelvic floor muscles, stimulating spontaneously contracts and giving you an inner workout

£20.00inc. VAT & delivery

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