MamaTENS Electrode Pads

MamaTENS Electrode Pads


10.99 including VAT & delivery

  • Four 50 x 100mm pads
  • Integrated lead wires
  • Original rectangular connectors

Electrode pads for MamaTENS units with serial numbers under 1330000 (with rectangular sockets, as shown below).

Two pairs of self-adhesive obstetric TENS electrode pads, each pair with the integrated lead for use with the classic MamaTENS maternity TENS unit.

Please note, these pads are not compatible with the MamaTENS my time unit.

p/n E-CM50100-MT  ean 5033435130085
customer reviews...
4 Stars
New pads for my MamaTENS were easy to order and arrived in post quickly.
Chloe H, 18-Oct-2019
5 Stars
I was lending a TENS machine to a friend, and needed some replacement pads. They were delivered quickly and efficiently - which was just as well as I only remembered they needed to be ordered the week of her due date. The baby was born last week and I don't yet know how she got on with the machine!
Katie P, 13-Oct-2015
4 Stars
Good pads but 2 problems - one did not stay sticky long enough and one of them stopped working so I only got the effect from one. Possibly the wire snagged but if so it is very delicate. Impressed with speed of delivery and service from MamaTENS.
Laura, 15-Dec-2014
5 Stars
I used the MamaTENS as my only pain relief and it worked wonders. I would honestly recommend it to everyone and would definately use it again. Very easy to use and very efficient.

Excellent customer service and very easy to send back. It would be nice though to receive an email confirming that you got the product back.
Amazing product!
Souad, 30-Nov-2013
5 Stars
Bought a MamaTENS for my first pregnancy and helped me cope at home until I was 6cm dilated. Bought replacement pads for this time and they arrived very quickly which was handy as I left it a bit later than I'd planned to order them. Excellent service and like I said I found using the TENS machine really reduced the amount of time I spent in hospital.
Avril G, 16-Apr-2013
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