Fleur Pelvic Floor Toning Balls

Fleur Pelvic Floor Toning Balls


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  • Sleek design
  • Ball within ball vibration
  • Improved sensitivity & sensation

Fleur is a set of toning balls that rest on the pelvic floor muscles, stimulating them to spontaneously contract, giving you an inner workout and creating biofeedback that increases your awareness of where your pelvic floor muscles are, and how to contract them. The vibration of the ball-within-a-ball increases this effect.

Sleek Design: Fleur is designed by experts to give your pelvic floor the maximum workout, while being conveniently. pocket-sized and portable.

Improved sensitivity and sensation: Exercises with Fleur will generate a rush of blood towards the pelvic floor area, which allows a better vascularisation of these muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles can greatly improve your sexual arousal, your sexual response, the level of sensation you feel during intercourse, and your ability to reach an orgasm.

With the Fleur toning balls inserted for a few minutes each day, you will be able to tone your muscles in two different ways:

Active use - Perform Kegel exercises to work the pelvic floor muscles and tone them with repetitive voluntary contractions.

Passive use - Carry out your usual activities with the Fleur toning balls inserted. You will contract the pelvic floor muscles without thinking about it to maintain the toning balls in their position.

Fleur is made from body-safe silicone and measures 33m in diamter and 180mm in length.

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