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The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Great service, machine arrived promptly and was easy to use. Love the fact it comes with a pre-paid package to return it! Would definitely recommend!
Claire R, 15 July
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
My son was 13 days late but it was so easy to extend the hire and really excellent that there was no charge for this.
Sarah R, 6 July
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Fast and efficient service. Iíve not used the product yet because my baby is not due for another week. But I have used MamaTENS with my previous pregnancy and they're great. They do keep the pain to a minimum.
Abbie S, 14 May
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
The machine arrived quickly, and it was very easy to return. Also I gave birth 9 days after the due date and it was very easy to extend the hire.
Stephanie M, 31 January
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
This service is great - I ordered the TENS machine and it came within just 2 days. When I went over my delivery date, it was no problem to keep it until after the baby came. Everything was so smooth and new-mama-friendly. Plus, it's a sustainable way to get access to the machine without owning one!
Katy, 19-Nov-2019
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Perfect service! All is so well organised: the order, the delivery, perfect product quality, easy to return. The usage of the product during labour is fantastic.
Marion, 20-Oct-2019
New pads for my MamaTENS were easy to order and arrived in post quickly.
Chloe H, 18-Oct-2019
My sister recommended me to hire a TENS machine because it helped her so much with her first labour. MamaTENS were a great help, delivering the machine on time and extending the hire when I needed. The machine itself worked well for me, helping with contraction pain so I didn't need to rush to hospital. I was very pleased with it.
Ashley, 18-Oct-2019
So great to be able to hire this. It arrived in perfect condition and got me through my first 24hrs of labour. Really helped me to focus on my breathing and monitor my contractions. Thank you so much.
Valerie, 15-Oct-2019
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Really fast delivery. Easy to extend rental
Rachel J, 22-Aug-2019
The MamaTENS Service
4 Stars
I've used MamaTENS for both my labours. MamaTENS helped me get to 8-9 cm while in labour. I recommend all to try it. I'm very pleased with service and value as well.
Kathryn H, 17-Jul-2019
4 Stars
I am soon using my MamaTENS my time for the second time because it helped me so much last time. I just ordered new electrod pads for it. They were easy to order and have arrived quickly. Thank you
Olivia D, 25-Jun-2019
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
It's the 3rd time I've a MamaTENS and and I've been very happy with it each time. Ordering was easy and the communication and service were really good. I don't think I could have managed without the TENS machine. I was 8 days over, so had to extend the hire of the machine, which was sorted quickly over the phone. Highly recommend TENS machine and MamaTENS.
Theresa M, 22-May-2019
The MamaTENS Service
4 Stars
Booked a little late but the MamaTENS arrived quickly. Helped a lot with contractions. Very simple to use.
Laura C, 20-May-2019
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
The Mama Tens was a real help on our due date. Perfect. Thank you.
Peter C, 14-May-2019
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