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Service was excellent - delivered in plenty of time, easy to extend hire time when went overdue and return process was easy.

Good product that provided excellent relief.
Nicola, 27-Dec-2016
Excellent service, timely delivery. The MamaTENS pack came with easy to follow instructions and REALLY helped with labour. Highly recommend!
FW, 16-Dec-2015
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
I bought MamaTENS Electrode Pads for my wife as we used the previous ones for our other baby's birth.

We were both stunned when I purchased them after lunch and they arrived the next morning!!!

We can't thank you enough for such an amazing and perfect response. Absolutely outstanding.
Paul D, 28-Nov-2014
I was recommended to hire a TENS machine for labour by a friend and thought I would give it a whirl as I had such a bad time with my first labour. To be honest I didn't expect it to work. The service first off by MamaTENS has been top notch and they were very helpful when I needed to extend the usage. The TENS machine itself was a life saver! I could not have got through the pain of contractions without it. It helped me stay at home longer and was invaluable in hospital to get through the final stages. Great product and wonderful service. Rarely can you say this about a company and its products. Very happy customer and would recommend this machine to everyone! I would buy one if I was sure I was going to have another baby but after 2 little boys I think I am done!
Naomi T, 28-Apr-2014
Used for 2 births, and even though the second was pretty quick the TENS helped me through, no other pain relief necessary. I recommend it to all my friends.
Kate C, 28-Oct-2013
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
The service I received was excellent - very easy to order, quick delivery and good price.

The machine itself was fantastic in labour.
Michelle H, 13-Nov-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Really helpful for pain relief in early stages of labour.
Marie W, 5-Nov-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
I love this product. Have used a MamaTENS machine when giving birth to all three of my children. I found it most useful in the early and middle stages of labour when it really helped reduce the pain. I then used a birthing pool for the final stages of labour.

I would really recommend any women try a MamaTENS machine for their labour. The machine arrived in plenty of time and as all my babies have arrived late, they have been very happy to extend the hire period free of charge when required.
Lindsey S, 3-Nov-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
fantastic service!
fantastic communication!
will highly recommend!

During labour I managed to use only the MamaTENS unit & Entinox, then gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 7lb 8oz :0)
Gemma J, 31-Oct-2012
I can most definitely recommend this product. I started with labour pains at 5pm, started to use the MamaTENS around 9pm when we went to bed and kept it on until around 9am the following day, with the exception of around 30 minutes when I had a bath at home. I didn't have any other pain relief and am grateful that I did not feel the need to have any, although I do appreciate that everyone is different. I was delighted to be able to stay 'natural' through the whole birthing process.
Catherine M, 4-Oct-2012
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