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Really helped in the early-mid stages of labour, very easy to use even when in the middle of contractions! Midwife was very impressed too. Would definitely use again in future.
Charlotte R, 4-Jun-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
I was sceptical at first but wanted as natural birth as possible so gave it a try. Well what can I say 4cm dilated without even knowing on the tens. Worth a go! Great and quick service thanks.
Alison H, 25-May-2012
TENS machine was excellent!! I had my 8lbs 14oz daughter without any other pain relief. I would recommend to everyone.
Laura C, 18-May-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
I bought my MamaTENS 5 yrs ago when I was pregnant with our son. We had decided to go down that route as I am allergic to morphine and there was no way I was having an epidural.

It was amazing I was lucky to only have a short labour but only needed gas and air as a top up. Since then I have used it when having our daughter and am currently expecting our third bundle of fun in July so will be using it then as well.
Nicola, 7-May-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
It arrived really quickly and all parts included, spare batteries too! I was very pleased with the service.
Nicki K, 6-May-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Very impressed with the service, it arrived so quickly. I purchased it for my daughter as I had been recommended it, and she has told me it really helps with the sickness. Thank you again for your prompt delivery.
Linda P, 27-Apr-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Very quick service. Received my item the next day using only the First Class post option.
Susan, 25-Apr-2012
I used MamaTENS throughout my labour and found it very helpful. It made me feel in control and gave me something to focus on. I would recommend it to all mums-to-be.
Pia P, 23-Apr-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Great value, fast delivery, very useful during labour. Recommend to all.
Sarah H, 18-Apr-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
The tens was amazing and got me through labour with no other pain relief! It also helped with the after pains.

I started using it when I was in the very early stages of labour and just adjusted the setting accordingly as the contractions got more painful. Holding it and pressing the button every time I had a contraction gave me a sense of control and something to focus on and definitely calmed me down.

With the birth of my first child I used gas and air for pain relief but I wish I had used a tens back then!
Lucy S, 17-Apr-2012
I used the MamaTENS as pain relief during the births of my 2nd and 3rd children. Both times I found it really helpful. It's easy to work and I liked the fact that I was in control of my own pain relief. As the contractions got stronger I just increased the level on the TENS. I did not use any other pain relief for my 2nd birth and for my 3rd the TENS took me through to the pushing stage and then I used gas and air too. MamaTENS really worked for me and I would definitely recommend it.
Lorna H, 16-Apr-2012
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Quick shipping, thanks. Item as described. Price competitive.
Nina T, 31-Mar-2012
Enabled me to stay at home for as long as possible.
Katherine S, 14-Jan-2012
Wouldn’t have been without it!
Petra T, 1-Dec-2011
The MamaTENS Service
4 Stars
I like the different settings for different stages of labour. A good product and a good service. Thank you.
Mel T, 29-Nov-2011
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